Our team draws on decades’ worth of domain expertise and experience including technological, methodological, and policy-related, the fruit of numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world, and backgrounds working in national research and education technology agencies.


Above, a few of us at our BBQ in Florence, July 2022 🙂
G. Andrea Farina

Andrea is President of 4Science, founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Itway Group S.p.A. (listed at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan). Moreover, he is President of the Board of Directors of Itway Hellas SL, Itway Turkiye Ltd, President of Farway S.r.l. Group, President of Cu.RA – Consorzio Utilities Ravenna. Born in Ravenna in 1961, he holds a diploma in Computer Science from the Girolamo & M. Montani Industrial Technical Institute in Fermo and a degree in Business Administration with MBA from the Anderson School – Institute of Economics and Finance of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Linkedin profile

Cesare Valenti

Cesare is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Sales of 4Science, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Itway S.p.A. (listed in the Italian Stock Exchange), in charge of strategic marketing and operations, Chairman of the Board of Itway France SARL and Itway Spain SL., Executive Director of Itway Turkey LTD and Itway Hellas S.A., Chairman of the Board of Directors of BE Innova s.r.l. He is a member of the Board of the INNOVATE Clust-ER of the Emilia Romagna Region. Graduated with honors in Electronic Engineering at Alma Mater University of Bologna in 1979, he is passionate about technological trends and innovation. Linkedin profile

Susanna Mornati

Susanna is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of 4Science and Business Strategist & Technologist. Her extensive experience has been gained over more than thirty years in the design and implementation of highly complex information systems for research worldwide. Susanna is well known and valued within the Open Access and Open Science communities. In the past she held positions of high responsibility in the Italian University Consortia Cilea and Cineca, the State University of Milan, and the Scientific Information Service at CERN in Geneva. She holds an MA in Linguistics with honors and a Masters in ICT Management. Linkedin profile

Andrea Bollini

Andrea is Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), actively involved in various international open-source and open-standards communities with leading roles: DSpace committer, Deputy Leader of the CERIF TG of euroCRIS and member of the COAR Next Generation Repositories WG, chair, speaker and reviewer for several key conferences. Prior to 4Science Andrea worked for the Italian University Consortia Cilea and Cineca, where he was responsible for IT solutions and projects for research, e-publishing and OA repositories. He holds a MSc in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in ICT management. Linkedin profile

Sonia Passatempi

Sonia is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of 4Science and the Itway Group where she has been working since its establishment in 1996. Her consolidated experience, both within the Group and in previous work experiences in mid-size companies, allows her to supervise, organise and coordinate the administrative, accounting and financial services of the company with the support of a human resources team dedicated to these functions.

Irene Buso

Irene is the Business Development Manager of 4Science, in charge of developing sales and marketing strategies, engage in negotiations and organize sales. A III grade karate black belt and an omnivorous reader with classical studies, she has a degree in Law, studied music at the Conservatoire and has a passion for astrophysics and medieval history. Prior to 4Science, she was Tender Manager and Large Customers Account Manager in the IoT world in the automotive sector. She believes that the open source digitisation of libraries and cultural content will make the world a better place and she wants to contribute unfailingly. Luckily or not, she’s always interested in everything. More information at: Linkedin profile

Emilia Groppo

Emilia is Head of the Cultural Heritage Business Unit. She holds a MA, having specialised in Archaeology and Art History and is Lecturer of Technologies for Cultural Heritage at the University of Milan. Previously Emilia was Project Manager for Cultural Heritage in the two Italian Consortia of University, Cineca and Cilea, where she promoted and led numerous projects, including some of the largest Digital Library projects in Italy. She was head of the National Library System (SBN) in the Lombardy Region and responsible for the computerisation of many libraries and historical archives in Italy, including the National Library Braidense in Milan. More information at: Linkedin profile

Federico Verlicchi

Federico is a business developer at 4Science. He graduated from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri with a BSc in Marketing Analytics and a MSc in Business Intelligence and Analytics with a focus in Data Science. He has been a Student-Athlete for the Rockhurst University Hawks and the team captain. Federico is a very creative person with strong analytical skills. He traveled all around the world to countries such as Australia, South America, Europe, and he has been living in the United States since 2017. This wide range of experiences make him a great asset for the company in many aspects. Linkedin Profile.

Anna Busa

Anna is Marketing Consultant.  Speaker at conferences, adjunct professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna, she teaches for library organisations and is the author of books. More information at: Linkedin profile

Simon Whittemore

Simon is Open Knowledge Consultant at 4Science. With over 25 years’ cross-sector experience helping organisations achieve strategic innovation and development, he has a background in higher education, skills development and management consultancy. At Jisc he developed the Business and Community Engagement Programme. Simon contributed to Knowledge Exchange policy development as a Deputy Head at HEFCE. His consultancy training was with Capgemini as senior consultant in Global Delivery in Paris. Simon has a MA in Higher and Professional Education from UCL and is an author, educator and linguist. More information at: Linkedin profile

Corrado Lombardi

Corrado is Solutions Architect. He takes a proactive part in the analysis, design and development phases of the software lifecycle, in particular for the DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. Before joining 4Science, he worked for B2C-wide traffic portals. These experiences gave him the opportunity to collaborate with established professionals, who contributed to his professional growth and inspired him to give particular attention to the quality aspects of the software developed. A firm advocate of Extreme Programming, he adopts and recommends these practices to facilitate projects. MSc in Computer Science, he obtained several technical certifications. More information at: Linkedin profile

Imma Scancarello

Imma is Project and Program Manager. A Web Content Specialist and UX designer, Imma has focussed on the design and implementation of web portal projects, as a consultant for both institutions and the development team at Cineca. Her communications expertise and her extensive knowledge of back-office tools in CMS enabled her to deliver training on the optimal use of digital technologies, provide consultancy on effective writing for the web, and support the creation of editorial guidelines for institutional communication. She holds a MSc degree in Mathematics. More information at: Linkedin profile

L. Andrea Pascarelli

Pasca is Lead Software Engineer. He is responsible for the development of DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. He is DSpace Committer since 2013 and was part of the team that originally developed and still maintains DSpace-CRIS. Luigi Andrea has been working in ICT for more than 10 years as a Java Developer and System Integrator in projects related to the management of digital objects. After graduating with a MS in Computer Engineering, he gained the Oracle certification for the Java platform (Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform SE 6.0). More information at: Linkedin profile

Claudio Cortese

Claudio is Project Manager and Business Analyst. For many years he has been working in modelling, management and analysis of data for cultural heritage using a wide variety of methods, standards and technologies. Before joining 4Science, he worked for the Italian consortia Cilea and Cineca, mainly dealing with Digital Library Management Systems. Claudio holds a PhD in Archaeology and lectures on “Information Technology Applied to Archaeology” at the Catholic University of Milan and frequently provides consultancy, advice and courses for universities and public/private institutions. More information at: Linkedin profile and  Academia

Riccardo Fazio

Riccardo is Project Manager and Senior Software Engineer. He has a MSc degree in Mathematics and is a Java expert working on the two open source platforms DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. Riccardo has been working in the ICT sector for more than 15 years as a software developer and analyst for research projects and electronic publishing. He also has many years’ experience as System Administrator for Linux/Unix operating systems. More information at: Linkedin profile

Alfredo Cosco

Alfredo is a Software Analyst. He graduated in History of the Middle Ages. Alfredo’s main interests are in ICT nested with humanities, with a focus on developing applications for History, Cultural Heritage and Text-Encoding. He has been working since 2002 as teacher or consultant with Schools, Universities, Public Administrations, Industries and Cultural Institutions. His contributions as a cultural heritage domain expert to 4Science range from repositories to electronic publishing applications, from data modeling to information systems management. Linkedin Profile. 

Giuseppe Digilio

Digi is Lead Software Engineer. He has a MS degree in Computer Science and is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. Giuseppe has a passion for new technologies and he masters many of them, which gives 4Science the opportunity to be an early adopter. He worked for two Italian university consortia, Cilea and Cineca, gaining significant experience in the development and analysis of web applications for Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing. He currently collaborates with the DSpace Community on the new DSpace 7 User Interface, based on Angular, and is a DSpace Committer. More information at: Linkedin profile

Luca Giamminonni

Luca is Senior Software Engineer. He holds an MSc in Computer and Automation Engineering from the University of Perugia with a thesis on visual pattern exploration in networks. He has significant experience in the development of management solutions. In previous roles, he specialised in and became certified in the development of web applications based on JEE and Spring. More information at: Linkedin profile

Matteo Perelli

Matteo is Lead Software Engineer. He deals with the implementation of front-end services for the Digital Library. With a passion for new technologies, having performed many roles in over 15 years’ experience in ICT, he is now a Full Stack Developer and a Software Architect. In the past he created one of the largest Digital Libraries in Italy, working directly on all phases of the design and development. Matteo was also IT System Architect for the PHP activities in institutions he has worked. He is Zend Certified PHP Engineer and is now collaborating with the DSpace community for the development of the new User Interface of DSpace 7, based on Angular. More information at: Linkedin profile

Fabio Belletti

Fabio is a System Manager at 4Science. He has a long and outstanding experience gained from more than 20 years of working at one of the world’s largest data centers, and a wide knowledge of computer management systems with skills that range from Linux, Nagios, Apache, Bash, SQL, ElasticSearch, to Tomcat and many others. Beyond being an amazing computer systems manager, Fabio is also a great cook, especially when grilling is involved. Linkedin Profile.

Francesco Pio Scognamiglio

Francesco Pio is Junior Developer. He contributes to the development and management of DSpace and DSpace-CRIS/GLAM open source applications. After an initial period of on-the-job training, he is now well integrated into a very stimulating and engaging team and working environment. He is also a passionate student of Computer Science at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. More information at: Linkedin profile

Mykhaylo Boychuk

Misha is Junior Software Engineer. Having successfully completed his internship at 4Science, he is now collaborating in the development of solutions based on DSpace, DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-GLAM. Misha is also a student, graduating in Computer Engineering at the University “Roma Tre” of Rome. More information at: Linkedin profile

Damiano Fiorenza

Damiano is Junior Developer. Educated at the Enrico Fermi Institute in Rome in Computer Science, after a period of on-the-job training, he now collaborates in the development of solutions based on DSpace, DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-GLAM. More information at: Linkedin profile

Vincenzo Mecca

Vincenzo is a Full Stack Developer. He holds a honors degree in computer engineering and a PhD in computer science. Since his early days Vincenzo has always been a good tech-related problem solver. His childhood has been marked by games and consoles. In his spare time Vincenzo likes to build custom mechanical keyboards. He loves traveling and he is always eager to gain new knowledge. Linkedin Profile.

Stefano Maffei

Stefano is a Software Engineer, with a degree in Computer Engineering. He has experience as a full-stack Java Developer, Web Developer (with various technologies including Angular), integrator of REST services, and with Scrum/Agile methods. In addition to his passion for programming, Stefano is passionate about manga. More information at: Linkedin profile.

Davide Negretti

Davide is a Software Engineer, with Full Stack Developer experiences ranging from back end technologies (Java and database) to front end (HTML 5, Javascript, Angular). He is passionate about general and computational linguistics and a martial arts instructor (black belt in Haidong Gumdo). He joined the 4Science team to develop solutions with the new DSpace(-CRIS/-GLAM) 7 architecture. More information at: Linkedin profile.

Emanuele Ballarini

Emanuele is a Software Engineer and DevOps with a degree in Computer and Automation Engineering. In his previous experiences he gained skills in the production of Java code and unit testing, ability in queries and procedures in SQL language, experience in structured and dynamic graphical interfaces and interactive logic. He has coached and played competitive volleyball. More information at: Linkedin profile.

Adele Pusiol

Adele is a Project Manager at 4Science. She holds a BA in Cultural Heritage Sciences and a MA in History. Following her passion for palaeography and manuscripts, she took specialization courses at the State Archive of Bologna and ISIME. Before joining 4Science, she spent six years living in the Netherlands, where she deepened her interest in the Digital Humanities with a Master’s course in Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University and worked as a Customer Service Coordinator for Microsoft. She never goes anywhere without a book, and likes to spend her free time tending her creative side; she strongly believes that happiness can be measured in cats.  LinkedIn Profile.

Sara Orlandi

Sara is a Service Desk Analyst at 4Science. Graduated in Modern Literature, she holds a master’s degree in Training, Management and Conservation of Digital Archives. Former librarian, she has worked both in a public and a university context. Passionate about Japan, she decided to study its language and dreams of being able to spend part of her life knitting on the beach of Kamakura. Linkedin Profile.

Benedetta Gandolini

Benedetta is a Service Desk Analyst at 4Science. She holds a Bachelor degree in Archeology and she is a subject expert at the Catholic University of Milan for the course of “Computer Science applied to Archeology”; she has worked in museums with front office duties, as a tourist guide and public relations officer for schools and has taught humanities for secondary schools. 

Karla Medina

Karla is a Project Manager with PMP Certification at 4Science. She is also a Certified Scrum Master with experience in project management methodologies. Graduated as an Informatic Engineer at the Universidad Ricardo Palma in Lima (Peru), Karla likes to continuously update her knowledge with innovative courses to add value to the company where she works. She is passionate about the IT Governance world and always open to new ideas, to think outside the box and to grow personally and professionally. Linkedin Profile. 

Barbara Maioli

Barbara is an administrative and accounting employee with experience in the following areas: entering purchase requests into the system; managing and processing purchase orders; managing relationships with suppliers and customers; checking invoices and accounting records.

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