Simplify access and reuse of audio/video content.

Self contained streaming solution, entirely based on open-source components;

Transcode the most popular audio/video formats;

Adaptive streaming using DASH the state-of-art industry standard to allow the maximum reduction in the use of bandwidth;

Can work with an external Media Server;

and much more!


Description of the available code

The streaming module allows to stream audio/video content loaded in the repository using a solution entirely based on open-source components or, in alternative, through the integration with an external Media Server such as Adobe Media Server, Wowza, etc. The module allows to transcode the most popular audio/video formats into a format (FLV, MP4) and encoding appropriate to the adopted media server. The module takes care of the registration of the transcoded file on the media server, local or remote, if necessary by creating different streams at increasing bitrates, segmenting and diversifying the channels (audio, video, subtitles) to enable adaptive streaming. The adaptive streaming allows the maximum reduction in the use of bandwidth, always providing each user the best possible resolution of the audio / video stream based on the device in use (supported resolution) and on the available connection speed. By varying the connection speed during the playback of the stream, the system is able to consequently alter the stream so as to improve the quality of vision or the playback fluidity in the case of the connection quality decrease. The player included with the module, based on VideoJS,, permits integration with the Media Server via the standard protocols RTMP, HLS and DASH. In particular, the open-source media server, proposed out-of-box with the module, uses the HTML5-W3C-standard DASH protocol.



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The new features we could develop with your support

Integration with Adobe Media Server;

Integration with Wowza;

Administrative UI to manually upload / replace transcoded files and subtitle;

Upgrade to DSpace 7.

To access the code and start using the module: €5,000 You can express your preference on the functionality you would like us to develop first.

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Target budget: €120,000


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