Outstanding solutions for research and cultural heritage

Outstanding solutions for research and cultural heritage


4Science helps you make your data, information and digital resources meaningful.


We promote the use of international standards & cutting-edge technologies.


We optimize your business processes, facilitate cost-effective decision making and enhance your visibility.


We support Open Source projects and communities.

Our clients

“Exemplary responsiveness” ; “A far better experience” (than other solution providers in the same sector),
Robert Wilson, Middle Tennessee State University, 2021

“Experience in the space and knowledge in the area of digital libraries and repositories” (key in helping you meet your objectives);“Completely satisfied”,
Mario Bernardes, Universidade de Coimbra, 2021

“I and my colleagues very much appreciate the cooperation with the team of 4Science and are pleased with the results achieved”,
Markus Mueller, University of Bern, 2021

Our qualifications

4Science is the most qualified DSpace Certified and Platinum Service Provider

The communities we support

At 4Science we believe in collaboration and sharing.

We contribute to many open source projects and we collaborate with several international organizations and communities to develop, integrate and promote the adoption of technological standards.

Meet the team

Our team has gained decades of domain expertise and experience, both technological and methodological, resulting from numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world. From digital libraries and open archives to research information management systems, from open standards and open source to interoperability protocols, from cataloging and preservation to ontologies and data analysis, we have the answers
you’ve been looking for.

Latest news and event

Celebrating Progress: DSpace 2023 Annual Report Highlights

Dear Readers,  We're thrilled to share the highlights of the DSpace 2023 annual report, showcasing the progress made over the past year in advancing open scholarly infrastructure.  At 4Science, we're proud to have played a significant role as a leader contributor in...

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The legality rating of 4Science ★++

The legality rating is a synthetic indicator of companies' compliance with high standards of legality. It takes the form of a score between a minimum of one and a maximum of three 'stars'. The applicant enterprise obtains the basic score ★ if it meets all the...

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