Use an international standard to work with image collections.

Access and re-use high quality images with state of the art technology and standards;

Manage the complexity of digital objects (page sequences, chapters, sections, etc.);

Support a wide range of formats: JPG, JPG2000, TIFF, PNG, BMP, RAW and more;

Progressive downloading, zooming, rotating and scaling images;

and much more!


Description of the available code

The module allows the integration of DSpace with any IIIF Image API (http://iiif.io/api/image/2.1/) compliant server such as Digilib (digilib.sourceforge.net), IIPImage (iipimage.sf.net) and others (http://iiif.io/apps-demos/). The Module includes out-of-box a curation task to make image files deposited in DSpace available in Digilib. In order to make Items metadata and content structure (bitstreams) available, the Module uses the IIIF Presentation API (http://iiif.io/api/presentation/2.1).

The IIIF Image Viewer Module supports a wide range of image formats such as JPG, JPG2000, TIFF, PNG, BMP and more. The exact list of supported formats and the overall performance both depend on: the specific Java Virtual Machine in use (e.g.: Oracle JRE, OpenJRE, IBM, etc.); the availability of additional codecs or replacements for the JAI Java Advanced Image Library.

There is the integration with the Universal Viewer (https://github.com/UniversalViewer/universalviewer), an open source IIIF compliant viewer, that allows users to preview files without the need of downloading the full content first. This feature makes it possible to work on the image without waiting to fully download it.

The viewer offers incredibly high quality navigation of items with multiple images/bitstreams in a single-page, two-page (booklet) and thumbnail view mode. The current view, page, zoom level and rotation can be shared as URL and it is possible to copy&paste code to embed the viewer into external websites (e.g.: blogs and institutional websites) without waiving proper attribution: this can be done via a simple html + javascript code. The viewer has a side panel that shows the item metadata in order to preserve the integrity of the information and the identity of the repository.

It is possible to manually create a multi levels Table-of-Content (TOC) and to show it on the side of the image so to easily navigate through multiple scanned images. The TOC is exposed as standard JSON following the IIIF Presentation API.

Raw digital formats like for example the CR2 Canon DSLR, the NEF Nikon DSLR and others are supported thanks to the possibility to convert such images into TIFF or PNG formats. Image conversion is supported by default via the ImageMagick library (http://www.imagemagick.org/), but the module is flexible and can easily be modified to support other libraries.


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The new features we could develop with your support

Download of the original files can be prevented and the maximum zoom level limited;

Option to download the original file(s), the page image or multiple pages at the current zoom level or some predefined options. Point of integration with external e-commerce solutions to enable selling of photo-reproduction and/or download a better resolution or different licenses;

Automatically deriving a default TOC when multiple scanned images are provided using the filename and folder structure as reference. The derived TOC will be editable for further improvements;

Upgrade to DSpace 7;


To access the code and start using the module: €5,000
You can express your preference on the functionality you would like us to develop first.

Make it open!

Target budget: €150.000



  • 150.000 27% 27%

We thank the following institution for their contribution:

Access & use: €5,000

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