4Science Presentations

We are always at the forefront of Open Science making our content & knowledge available for all through the DSpace and 4Science official channels.

As leaders in the DSpace community, we are always active with presentations to share our knowledge and give our support.

We believe that together we can shape the future of Open Science and Open Knowledge

Conference presentations

We always engage in conferences with many different presentations to share our knowledge wih the audience. Afterwards, when available we share the recording for all to enjoy and learn.


We engage in online and hybrid webinars both for conferences and community events where we always give our support presenting  cutting-edge technologies solutions and services to enable open science.

Community meetings

As Platinum Certified Providers of DSpace and leaders in the community, we play a crucial role in the community meetings where we share our ideals, and the latest Open-Science trends.

Live demonstrations

At events and webinars, we also share live demonstration of cutting-edge technologies to show the audience why we are recognized as DSpace community leaders and how 4Science can help your institution enabling the best service or solution tailored to your needs.

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